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A $55 transaction fee will be deducted from all refunds 60 to 8 days of event. NO REFUNDS ISSUED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF EVENT.

Schedule: Welcome

Tournament Rules

Teams must be ready to tip-off at scheduled game time. Exceeding this time by (7) minutes will be considered a forfeit (SEE EXCEPTION BELOW). Each minute that the team exceeds the scheduled start time; that team will be assessed a 3 point penalty. Example: game start time at 11 a.m., late team arrives at 11:01 but does not jump ball until 11:05 a.m.. The opponent of the late team will be awarded 15 points.

Exception: The tournament director  assigned to the tournament can allow a grace period for unforeseen circumstances. (Example: Traffic conditions). This can only happen when the team is communicating its difficulties. Only the tournament director can forfeit a game. Officials do not have the authority to forfeit a game.


Games will not start early unless both coaches agree. Neither referees nor site directors have the authority to require teams to start a game prior to the scheduled starting time.

Bracket Sportz mission is to provide a professional managed basketball or baseball event with excellent customer service. We provide access to innovative technology to support coaches, parents, and players, so all can enjoy the tournament experience. For more information regarding our basketball and softball tournaments, please select a date. Early registration is recommended.

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